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Kid Safe SmartWatch Q50

Kid Safe SmartWatch Q50

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Kids Safe Q50 GPS

The  Smart Kids Safe Q50 GPS Clock   is a kids' smartwatch with real-time GPS monitoring that allows parents to locate the child's exact position on the map as well as the route taken in the last 3 hours. In case of danger, the device has an emergency button that the child can activate to send an SOS signal or automatically make a call to the telephone number preset by the parents. Also, in case the child takes off the clock the parents will be notified by the application. Imagine the peace of mind and security that the Q50  can provide for you and your entire family!

Check out all the features of the Q50 :

  • Precise Finder:  Track your child's location in real time through the mobile app. With GPS + LBS technology you can have a much more accurate location.
  • Define Security Zones:  In the application, you determine up to 10 security zones and create protection zones for your child. Whenever it enters or leaves the configured limit, you will receive a warning.
  • Emergency Button (SOS):  Allows your child to call a phone number you have set (in the application) by pressing a button on the watch. In addition to the emergency number it is also possible to register two additional numbers. If your child gets lost or is in a dangerous situation, simply press the SOS button on the watch, you will immediately receive an alert on your cell phone telling you the location of your child in real time. 
  • Blocked Incoming Calls:  You can set up security numbers that can connect to your child's clock. All other numbers will be blocked, preventing your child from receiving calls from strangers. 
  • Anti-Removal:  Via an optical sensor located at the bottom of the watch, you are notified if the device is removed from your child's wrist.
  • Remote Monitor:  You can listen to what is happening nearby without disturbing your child. The smart watch features a high-sensitivity microphone for better perception.
  • Bluetooth Anti-Loss System:  This option allows you to connect your mobile phone to the watch when you leave with your child and be notified when they move away from the Bluetooth range.
  • Pedometer:  The pedometer allows you to calculate the distance your child travels in certain periods.
  • Location History:  Easily view your child's location history for the past 3 months.
  • Multi-Alarm:  You can set up to 3 different alarms.